How do you show that your app is secure and does what it promises to do?

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Assuring Medical Apps
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Like you, when it comes to care we set the greatest store by security. Our Assuring Medical Apps service checks your app for compliance with the specifically defined security, privacy and CE requirements. What’s more, it can continuously monitor your app for deviations and vulnerabilities.

It offers both you and your app’s users more trust about your medical app’s functionality and reliability. It also ensures that information can be securely exchanged between the app and medical or other systems.






    Developers comply with legislation and regulations and communicate transparently with the app’s users about privacy and security matters. Apps developers thus avoid negative publicity or possible fines for non-compliance.


    In showing that their medical apps work dependably and reliably, developers create confidence in their apps. Likewise, they create support and acceptance for them, both within your own business and among the apps’ users.


    Our service means any vulnerabilities within your app are spotted and removed in advance (instead of having to be modified afterwards), with our tried-and-tested “by design” approach. It means the costs of developing and maintaining the app can be reduced too.


    Apart from carrying out the work to test and monitor your app, we can offer you support, advice and other tips to improve your app’s privacy and security processes.

Assuring Medical Apps

Your app ensures that the medical data stays private!

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Your app is secure!

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Your app functions normally!

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Your app is easy to use!

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Your app is monitored continuously!

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