About us


We believe in digitization in the care sector and we believe that it can be achieved securely. Our services facilitate an important and beneficial trend in society: patients becomes their own doctors and their health can and will be continuously monitored through digital devices.
The breakthrough offered by mobile technologies gives us many benefits and will change the world of care and care provision. We are passionate about the possibilities that the digitization of the care sector offers and we want to work with you to shape this future. The Assuring Medical Apps team is a multidisciplinary team that includes accountants, IT auditors, consultants, and security and privacy experts.

The specialist team also includes more than forty “ethical hackers,” whose service line is a three-time winner of the CyberLympics (the world championships in hacking) and other awards.
They are very experienced when it comes to evaluating and advising on information security and other security issues, both at private companies and at government institutions.
But that’s not all – our team has also amassed extensive experience in the fields of medical device security, risk management, the testing of frameworks, user experience and process improvements, both within and outside the care sector. In short, a multidisciplinary team standing by to join you in shaping the digitization of the care sector.


The emergence and exponential growth of new technologies will cause the world to change radically in the coming years. No business or other organization can afford to ignore the consequences of the far-reaching digitization and computerization of the world. Deloitte knows all about the challenges your sector is facing but we have the ability to translate your market’s problems into creative and innovative solutions.

Deloitte is a professional services provider that has 200,000 employees all over the world and offices in more than 150 countries. Its more than 4,500 employees and 18 offices spread throughout the Netherlands make Deloitte one of the most important providers of professional services in the fields of accountancy, consultancy, risk management, tax consultancy and financial consultancy.

Globally, Deloitte has the world’s largest service line for providing information security and IT risk management services. What’s more, Deloitte possesses very extensive care-related knowledge in-house, along with an IT business that offers a range of specialist services for medical devices. Deloitte can provide a broad vision to examine and resolve our customers’ problems and other issues and is a trustworthy and innovative partner who can give you useful insights into your future business opportunities – right now.