Privacy Statement

This privacy statement serves to inform you about the data Deloitte Legal B.V., hereinafter also referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”, collects as part of our Digital Health Compliance services, hereinafter “DHC”, and the purpose for which we do this. The privacy statement relates to anything processed through our website and to the use of cookies.

For what purpose does DHC collect your data?

1. Cookies

Deloitte Legal B.V. uses so-called cookies to make it easier for you to visit our website. A cookie is a small file included in pages of this website, which your browser stores on your computer’s hard disk. The information stored inside can be returned to our servers upon a following visit. Deloitte Legal B.V. uses cookies to track the use of its website. In addition, some of our social media functionalities (such as Twitter and LinkedIn) can use cookies.

Read our cookie statement for more detailed information on the use of cookies.

Third party websites
This statement does not apply to third party websites that are linked to this website through links. We cannot guarantee that such third parties will handle your personal data reliably or securely. You are advised to read the privacy statements of these websites before using them. 

Deloitte Legal B.V. has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data you have provided from unlawful use.

Your data is sent across the internet through protected connections and processed and stored in certified data centers and on servers of Anura Web Development & Consultancy and Deloitte Netherlands. The personal data is screened from search engines.

Examining, deleting and correcting personal data
You have the right to ask us about your personal data stored in our data files. If you feel this personal data is not (or no longer) correct or complete, you can request us to supplement, improve or delete your personal data. We will handle requests for examination, deletion and/or correction of data within a month. If it is (as yet) impossible to meet your request, we will provide you with a substantiated explanation as to why this is the case.

Reservation on changes to Privacy Statement
The DHC privacy statement can be changed. We will state all changes to the privacy statement on this page. We advise you to regularly consult this privacy statement, so you are always informed about the content of the current privacy statement.

Protecting the privacy of children
We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of children in the interactive world of the internet. This website has not been designed for or deliberately targets children of 13 years of age or under. It is not our policy to deliberately collect or store information on persons of 13 years of age or under.

Contact data
The party responsible for this website is:

Deloitte Legal B.V.
Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970
1081 LA Amsterdam
P.O. Box 58110
1040 HC Amsterdam

Any request for examination, deletion or correction of your personal data or questions about the privacy statement of our website can be sent by mail, attn. IP/IT&Commercial department, or by sending an email to

This privacy statement was last amended on February 19th 2018.